Acclaim for IGIST

“A stellar futuristic tale with an exemplary heroine.” - Kirkus Reviews

“IGIST does for science what Hogwarts did for magic.” - Relentlessly Purple 

“How many of you get transported to another world when you're reading? IGIST author L.S. Larson has taken this one step further. IGIST is an interactive book that allows you to bring the pages to life with your smartphone. To see my daughter's face as she saw that Augmented Reality in the IGIST book last night was absolutely priceless. The pictures got her reading because she wanted to know about the story.” - BBC Sounds

“This is fantastic! There's a gaming aspect to it too, so you're collecting stickers as you go through.” - World Radio Switzerland 

“I think that due to the fast pace of the story, the healthy dose of action and Emi's amazing companions this book is suited for literally everyone. IGIST is a very smart book with a powerful story and a strong protagonist. Even though I first thought the book was going to be "yet another unflawed girl vs the world" novel, I was proven wrong by the ingenuity and the overall originality of the plot. I would fully recommend buying IGIST for your kids as I am sure they will love it!” - The Write Way

“I don't fit the demographic for this book-I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless of that fact. IGIST builds to a crescendo with twists along the way. It reads like The Da Vinci Code because of it's fast-paced short chapters making it hard to stop turning the pages.” - Author Lindsay Wincherauk

“I first gave it to my son to read: He loved it! He actually likes to read but is a pretty picky reader. He texted me from school during the day to tell me how much he loved the book!” - Science in the City

“Transports you to a bright, extraordinary future among the stars.” - Arizona Daily Sun

“I love the possibilities this book brings, and I hope to see more books that include the use of an app.” - Mugglenet.com: The World’s #1 Harry Potter Fan Site

“L.S. Larson has an enrapturing tale of growth and exploration of self, along with a revolutionary way of reading that can intrigue readers of all ages.” - The Telegraph

“It was a great story for young girls and boys. It was such a good story to really show kids to use their talents and ideas to help other people, while still staying true to themselves. The app made the reading experience unique, and lots of fun. An interactive story is a really great concept. I really think Larson has a good thing going here!” - From Cover to Cover

“IGIST is an impossibly imaginative work of young adult fiction that is entertaining, thrilling, and charming for readers of all ages, and it serves as a shining beacon for younger audiences interested in science. It's a universe chock full of good, positive messages and an understanding of how young people see the world that is never condescending or false. The fact that it's a wonderful adventure with a brilliantly clever narrative is just a bonus. Don't let the fact that it's self-published stop you from seeking it out, because truth be told, this is far better than a lot of the stuff you'll find in the new release young adult section of your local bookstore.” - Author E. Magill

“IGIST takes place in the future, when humans have spread throughout the solar system. It follows the story of young Emi, an earthling who dreams of escaping a plague by attending the Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology, a school that follows a simple ethos — the right idea can overcome any adversity.” - The Daily Wildcat

“GREAT NEW YA SCI-FI! Star Wars meets Harry Potter.” - The Readings of an English Teacher

“The novel uses an app to immerse readers in an alternate universe with complex scientific challenges they must solve and overcome.” - NAU News

“The Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology, it's like a space MIT! I really had a fun time reading it and it was a good Sci-Fi novel. It had a really relatable and human aspect. It's just a super fun way to read a book.” - Ren on The Road: Books & Fandom Life

“I wish I had IGIST growing up as a young girl excited by science. IGIST is a thrilling read that will inspire future generations to change the world.” - McKenna Kardish, Harvard 2015 - Astrophysics