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Sheer fantasy and delight await those who scroll through the world’s first immersive novel: IGIST (the Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology), now available on iOS and soon to be on Android platforms. The journey’s medium is an innovative app that combines the essential elements of an e-reader with gamified techniques you might find in Angry Birds or your favorite filter on TikTok. The real power of the experience stems from the compelling story that is elegantly enhanced by all the capabilities of your smartphone. Marrying technology and art, the IGIST Experience app immerses the reader and transports them to the IGIST Universe.

IGIST Welcome from LS Larson on Vimeo.

As you enter the IGIST Experience app, an opening crawl sequence transports you to the not-so-distant future. Picture a teenager dreaming of this universe where mankind has spread across the cosmos, and orbiting the moon is a space station called IGIST, the most prestigious science university in the solar system. IGIST teaches its students to overcome the most complex scientific challenges in the galaxy by instilling in them a simple ethos: No matter what problems we face an idea can prevail. The IGIST universe isn’t perfect though. Over the last hundred years, there has been a space brain drain, leaving Earth a dreary backwater and frightening location for those left behind. The bygones, those left on Earth, are terrorized by an amoebic monster that is the plague.

Enter our heroine, a young woman named Emi, who dreams of escaping the plague-ravaged Earth, attending the elite IGIST, and becoming a great scientist. Emi is a strong-willed student with crazy determination, a spark of creativity, and an unquenchable desire to make an impact. In her first year at IGIST, Emi enters the Agon, the most renowned science competition in the galaxy, with the goal of creating a remedy for the plague to save her fellow bygones.

Described as a “stellar futuristic tale” in a Kirkus Review, the story is a breathless succession of escapes, intellectual pursuits, unexpected encounters, and dangerous missions. True to the nature of progress, Emi and her comrades persevere through countless defeats, making for an enthralling adventure. The power of the story comes from the rich detail of the IGIST universe well as the courage of our heroine Emi, who overcomes her obsession of working alone, evolving into a great teammate and leader.   

Despite the captivating drama, the world of IGIST is chock-full of wonderful delights, such as the tradition of IGIST pranks, known as Sputniks. In one notable Sputnik, IGIST seniors burn the name of the school onto rival Apollo University’s home turf on the moon large enough for the people on Earth to see it. Hailing from all over the galaxy, the dynamic cast of characters includes Emi’s orb-shaped, flying droid companion, Sadee; the ever-optimistic Hans, a deep space explorer attending IGIST via hologram; shaggy, yak-like giants dubbed Wardens, the gatekeepers to the school; and Jack Lemore, a transhuman figure who morphs into a tiger-like humanoid, known as a misfit. The colorful characters display their emotions, fears, and triumphs on a human scale, in the midst of a distinctive, sci-fi universe.

So, is it a book? A game? An augmented reality app? The immersive novel enhances the story with photorealistic illustrations and animations that pop up throughout the text. As readers progress through the story, they earn badges and coins which they can then use to purchase character portraits and stickers, as well as character cards.

In addition, augmented reality features enable readers to turn themselves into a hologram and interact with the props, settings, and characters from the story.

So this is a story about a girl who wants to go to space? Well yes but it’s also a story about friendship, perseverance and about believing in yourself. This is a story about overcoming the odds and the importance of working as a team. Ultimately this is a story encompassing the belief that the right idea can over come any challenge.



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  • A page turner for sure , I loved this book ! Captivating and fun

    Go IGIST

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