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If Adam Smith was looking down upon Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle on Monday May 13th, he would have been pleased. The company is accustomed to a monopoly on South Lake Union’s banana market every day of the week, but not this day. On this foggy morning, there was a surprise competitor with origins from Forks, Washington. A new immersive novel app IGIST set up shop, handing out free banana smoothies until they were kicked off Amazon’s home turf and banished down to 7th Street. However, the IGIST folks were able to hold their ground for about a half an hour...

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Hailing from all over the galaxy, the dynamic cast of characters includes Emi’s orb-shaped, flying droid companion, Sadee; the ever-optimistic Hans, a deep space explorer attending IGIST via hologram; shaggy, yak-like giants dubbed Wardens, the gatekeepers to the school; and Jack Lemore, a transhuman figure who morphs into a tiger-like humanoid, known as a misfit. The colorful characters display their emotions, fears, and triumphs on a human scale, in the midst of a distinctive, sci-fi universe.  Emi Hans Ankor Sadee Jilli Balin Celeste Tusk Archimedes Volta Florin

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Two stellar IGIST events in Tucson and Flagstaff!

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