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"Star Wars meets Harry Potter." -The Readings of an English Teacher

According to the one teacher on Earth who believed in her, Emi hadn’t a chance. The space academy of her dreams was more than a reach. The Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology hadn’t admitted an Earthling for decades. The bygones left on Earth would lead a boring existence if, and only if, they were lucky enough to evade the plague.

Emi always thought she was different, not because her only friend growing up in Rockland was a drone named Sadee, but because she was very determined, albeit obstinately, to become a revered scientist like her late mother. But even a passion for science and good old-fashioned grit could not prepare Emi for the challenges that await in a wide, strange galaxy under the auspices of the Star League.

Download the free IGIST app to make the story an Immersive Novel: see the black-and-white illustrations in the book transform into colorful animations and discover hidden gems in Augmented Reality.

"Truly a one-of-a-kind experience for science fiction fans and lovers of technology!" -Literature Approved