IGIST Luminary Challenge Class Signup

Thank you for your interest in having your class(es) participate in the IGIST Luminary Challenge! Submit the form below for us to send you and your class a copy of IGIST and a set of Intro Pamphlets (all completely free).  You can find more info on the Challenge here including how one of your students can win $1000 for themself and matching $1000 for your class. There is no purchase of any kind necessary to participate and your students can read the book (if they want) for free.

The IGIST Luminary Challenge is a competition meant to ignite the creativity of students across the country. Students can win $1000 for themself and $1000 for their class by winning in one of 3 categories: Fan Art, Fan Fiction short stories, or the STEM Challenge. 

    If you are interested in having your students participate submit the form and we will send your class everything they need to participate: a set of Intro Pamphlets that introduce them to the IGIST universe and free access to read the whole book on our IGIST Immersive Novel App for iOS and Android. This is all free and there is no purchase necessary to participate in the competition. You can find more details here.