Luminary Challenge

IGIST Luminary Challenge:

3 Categories:

  • IGIST Fan Art

  • IGIST Fan Fiction

  • IGIST STEM Project 

Submission Guidelines: 

    • First Submission Dec 15

    • Final Submission Dec 31

    • Fan Art:

      1. Prompt: Any type of visual art that uses characters, setting, or scene from the IGIST Universe.

      2. How to submit: 

        1. Submit photos attached to an email to: 

      3. Prizes: 

        1. Individual Prize $1000 gift Amazon Gift Card

      • Short Story:

        1. Prompt: Story that uses characters, setting or scene from the IGIST Universe. 1000 word max

        2. How to submit: 

          1. Submit story attached to an email to

          2. 1000 word max

        3. Prizes:

          1. Individual Prize is $1000 gift certificate to Amazon

        • STEM Project:

          1. Prompt: Create a STEM Project inspired by IGIST. This is intended to cast a broad net. Examples could be an IGIST App build on or another coding platform, a lego version of IGIST Space Station, an arduino robot, an egg drop using first principles etc...

          2. Prizes:

            1. Individual prize is $1000 gift certificate to Amazon 

          3. How to submit: 

            1. Individual submission: submit videos or image with abstract summary write up of project in an email to


        Examples from 2019 Challenge:

        IGIST Fan Art:

        Fan Fiction:

        Link to 2019 Submission Example: Apollo Star League

        STEM Project:

        Link to 2019 Submission Example: STEM