Readers are Raving about IGIST

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"A stellar futuristic tale with an exemplary heroine." -Kirkus Reviews
"I don't fit the demographic for this book-I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless of that fact. IGIST builds to a crescendo with twists along the way. It reads like The Da Vinci Code because of it's fast-paced short chapters making it hard to stop turning the pages." -Author Lindsay Wincherauk
"I think that due to the fast pace of the story, the healthy dose of action and Emi's amazing companions this book is suited for literally everyone...IGIST is a very smart book with a powerful story and a strong protagonist. Even though I first thought the book was going to be "yet another unflawed girl vs the world" novel, I was proven wrong by the ingenuity and the overall originality of the plot. I would fully recommend buying IGIST for your kids as I am sure they will love it!" -The Write Way