IGIST Secret Santa

Thank you for everything you do as an educator. Teachers like yourself are our inspiration, so we’ve been running a Secret Santa promotion where a gift copy of IGIST will be sent to inspiring teachers. All costs, even shipping, are completely covered, we just need to know where to send your gift (your school address works fine if preferred).

The book, IGIST, tells the story of a brilliant, teenage earthling girl several hundred years in the future. She uses her intelligence and determination to get into the Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology (IGIST) where she learns how to save Earth from a ravaging plague. It is a really entertaining YA Sci-Fi adventure that has been taking off with teenagers in Arizona. My hope is to not only get kids excited about reading, but also give them a heroine who uses her learning of STEM subjects to solve important problems. As someone who’s also working to inspire the same audience I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a entertaining (free) read this Winter Break.