IGIST: New Stars (Book 1 of the YA Science Fiction Series)

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2019 Readers Choice Awards Favorite YA and Middle Grade Book Nominee

"Star Wars meets Harry Potter." -The Readings of an English Teacher

Ever since her mother disappeared, Emi was a light sleeper. Most nights she lay awake, wondering when the plague would strike. It had ruined most of the planet, leaving the Bygones on Earth restless and without hope. There has to be a way, her father had promised her. A way to escape Earth and observe the wonders of space. A way to defeat the plague and save the Bygones. A way to advance science like her mother and achieve her dream of joining the best and brightest inventors in the universe at the Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology, or IGIST. As old stars die, new stars are born.

IGIST: New Stars is the first book in the Young Adult Science Fiction adventure series with over 30,000 readers in over 30 countries. Beloved by fans and critics for its strong, smart heroine and colorful cast of half-human-half-animal misfits, dynamic droids, tenacious Martians, tycoons from the Asteroid Belt, and holographic deep-space scouts, IGIST: New Stars not only enthralls its audience with an otherworldly adventure, but also inspires them to build the future that they want to live in.

"My son texted me from school during the day to tell me how much he loved the book!" -Science in the City

Download the free IGIST app to turn the story into an Immersive Novel: see the black-and-white illustrations in the book transform into colorful animations and discover hidden gems in Augmented Reality.

"How many of you get transported to another world when you're reading? IGIST author L.S. Larson has taken this one step further. IGIST is an interactive book that allows you to bring the pages to life with your smartphone. To see my daughter's face as she saw that Augmented Reality in the IGIST book last night was absolutely priceless. The pictures got her reading because she wanted to know about the story." -BBC Sounds