Senator's Son: An Iraq War Novel

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Author: Luke S Larson

ISBN: 0615353797

Number Of Pages: 284

Publisher: Key Edition Incorporated

Release Date: 2010-02-06

Details: "The Senate would vote in a few days on a joint resolution that could launch the country into a major military action that would either secure peace or be the igniter of the next world war. The House was overwhelmingly in support of the President's joint resolution and the Senate favored it but would need the only undecided senator's vote to secure the majority needed." Author Luke Larson, a former Marine infantry officer, begins his novel fifty years into the future with an aging senator casting the deciding vote on whether to send the nation to war. The senator flashes back to his Iraq combat experience and labors in weighing the country's interests against his personal convictions. Three warriors plunged into the urban chaos of the Iraq war. They went in naïve, not knowing what awaited them. John was a legacy. Bama wanted to prove he could out do his doctor father. Cash wanted a way out of the blue-collar world. Nothing could have prepared them for the moral dilemmas they would face. Baptized by fire, the three men are born again with new identities. They soon realize to win a counterinsurgency they must not focus on the enemy, but focus on the people.

EAN: 9780615353791